Friday, 27 March 2015

2015 RADO DiaMaster Large Second Hand Watches

New RADO DiaMaster large second hand watches contains four eye-catching watches:Two plasma high-tech ceramic watch with brown leather strap,distribute retro atmosphere;The other two black watch with avant-garde sense of the future. This series focuses on the use of leather strap, only a watch with DiaMaster series of iconic five platoon bracelet.
Retro avant-garde design,the RADO DiaMaster large second hand watches can mix business suits,casual wear can also easily set off holiday. Breaking the traditional dial design not only makes the watch itself,even more men to wear this watch easily become the focus of attention.

White ceramic plasma sintering furnace after the sintering process up 20,000oC shine warm shiny metallic sheen. This patented technology pioneered the use of RADO,though did not use any metal elements, but still be able to shine a plasma metal luster. While ceramic metallic colors presented on the surface of the material just presented, but never fade. This enables the production of metallic appearance which retains a good watch all the advantages of high-tech ceramics: easy to wear,comfortable and lightweight and hypoallergenic.

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